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Designing a custom piece of jewelry is a fun and interactive process.  When you show us what styles of jewelry you like (and those that you don’t like), we are able to design a ring that is tailored to you and your preferences.  Our goal for every custom made piece of jewelry is to create a ring that represents
your personal style and will stand the test of time.  Our creativity and attention to detail combined
with your valued input and direction is the winning recipe for a momentous jewel.

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Here’s how it works

Step One: (Schedule An Appointment)


The first step in the design process is to schedule an appointment with our designer and begin selecting your preferred details.  Bring with you or email us any photo references that have inspired you and we will incorporate
these elements into your custom design. We will guide you through this process and show you the pros and cons to each detail.  Once the details have been ironed out we create an estimate for the design based on the metal, number of stones
to be set, total carat weight and quality, and time needed to create the finished piece.  Once the initial sketch is agreed upon, we will then move forward in creating the CAD (Computer Aided Design) model of your design.

Step Three: (Client Revisions)


Once you have received the renders of your design via email, you will be able to make any changes and/or ask any questions about the digital renders. Careful calculations have been
made during the CAD designing process to ensure there
is enough extra material for the diamonds to be set securely and the metal to be reduced when finely polished.

Step Two: (The Wire-frame Model)


In the next step we take all of the preferences that you chose during the initial sketch and we build your CAD file paying attention to important details you specified in the sketch design. At this stage we are able focus on very small details like diamond and metal millimeter as well as how the diamonds will be set.

Step Four: (Final 3D Printing)


After you have approved the final digital renders,
your CAD file will be sent into casting where it will
be 3D printed and cast into the metal you have chosen.  Once we receive the raw casting we hand set all
of the diamonds and gemstones and give the piece
the final touches and finishes to give it a sturdy
yet delicate finish.