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Diamond Shapes


The brilliance and beauty of diamonds engulfs everyone and this is why diamond jewelry is popular all across the globe. You can wear jewelry that has a number of diamonds or the ones
that have single solitaires, depending upon your choice. There are a number of cuts and shapes
of diamonds but you need to know the difference between them in order to choose the best.
Here, is some information about the different diamond shapes to help ease your buying decisions.



This is by far the most popular shape of diamond and has been around for hundreds of years. The diamond cutters have been working with this shape and making sure that maximum brilliance and shine can be obtained. When it comes to balancing the grades for clarity, color, and cut, this shape offers a lot of flexibility but it will retain its brilliance and shine that you are looking for. There are two high cut grades and you can choose one of them when making a purchase.
You can choose from ideal or excellent or very good cut grades.




One of the most popular diamonds that are not round in shape is the princess cut diamonds. They stand out of the crowd and look different due to the cut and the brilliance they have. Due to the sheen, they are used in a variety of jewelry pieces and especially the engagement rings. This cut looks like a square cut but has pointed corners so that you can make out the difference. If you are buying a color grade diamond, the appearance of the diamond will be exceptional and the color that you choose will be visible in the corners of the diamond. These diamonds can be rectangular or square and by getting an idea of the length and width ratio, you will be able to get an idea of the exact shape of the diamond.




This shape has been around for hundreds of years and due to the shape of these diamonds, they are known as pillow cut diamonds. The corners of these diamonds are rounded and the facets are cut larger to increase the shine of the diamonds. The large facets give rise to clarity in the appearance of the diamonds. You can buy these diamonds in square and rectangular shapes. These diamonds are rising in popularity by the day. if you take a closer look at these diamonds, they look like a combination of oval and old mine cuts.




If you want a diamond that looks larger and has maximum carat weight, this is the ideal shape for you. This stone is used with other shapes such as pear. If you wear marquise diamond in a ring, your hands will look slender and long. If you wish to know the outline
of the diamond, you should look for the length to width ratio. This will also give you an
idea about the shape and the look of the diamond.



The striking point for these diamonds is their pavilion. The pavilion has rectangular facets so that it gets a different appearance optically. The original clarity of a diamond can be seen in this shape as it has a large table. When you are making a purchase, make sure that you see the clarity plot and check for the certificate. The rectangular shape of these diamonds can vary greatly. If the diamond you are looking for should be like a square, you can go for an asscher cut diamond. Know the length-width ratio so that you know how your diamond will look like if you see it from the top.



Radiant diamonds are unique and what make them so are the corners that are trimmed
with utmost care and perfection. The cut is also one of the reasons why this diamond is
used with a number of other diamond cuts and used in making some exquisite jewelry pieces. Even when this diamond shape is set with round or baguette diamonds, it will
make a striking appearance and give a new look to the jewelry item. The rectangularity
in these diamonds can vary largely. Again if you wish to buy these diamonds, make sue

that you take a look at the length width ratio.



If you have seen the shape of a teardrop, you would be able to get an idea about this particular shape of diamonds. These diamonds are cut brilliantly so that maximums shine
can be obtained. This is also called a teardrop diamond because it has a single point and an end that is rounded. The overall look of this diamond is unique and thus it is used in a variety of jewelry items in order to make them look more beautiful and make some unique designs. If you wear an elongated pear shaped diamond in your ring, your hands and fingers will look slimmer due to the shape of the diamond.



If you are looking for some fancy cuts, you should consider this shape. These cuts are unique and used in a variety of jewelry items. As the name suggests, these diamonds are cut into the shape of a triangle. The cut makes the diamond shine in a more brilliant manner. The unique triangle form is the fort thing you should see in the trilliant cut diamond, if you are out to make a purchase. This shape generally has 50 facets and the sides of the triangle are cut in equal dimensions. The classy jewelry items have these diamonds due to the unique shape and cut. Most of the people consider buying these cuts in the vanity jewelry rather than
in the everyday wear jewelry items.



As you know, heart symbolizes love; this is one of the most distinctive shapes out of all the diamonds. The shape and the cut are unique and this is what makes it a favorite with the jewelers. The corners of this diamond may show the color if you are buying a color grade diamond. The shape originated from the pear shape when a cleft was made in the shape. The length and width of the diamond can vary and thus the size of the heart and the broadness too will vary. Choose the size according to the jewelry item in which

you wish to get it placed.



This is yet another beautiful and unique shape of diamonds that almost look like emerald
cut but its shape is slightly square. The pavilion if this diamond is cut in a rectangular style and this is what makes it different. Like other diamonds, the color that you choose will be visible in the corners of the diamond. Many starts and celebrities have been seen wearing jewelry items in these cuts and this has just added to the popularity of this cut. You should look at the certification and the depth ration while making a purchase for a diamond. Most of the diamonds cut in this shape will appear to be square. If you need a unique ring for your mate, an asscher cut diamond ring is the perfect choice.



Just like the round diamonds, the oval diamonds too have a brilliance that the onlooker

would fall for. Oval diamonds are quite popular and are used in rings and other jewelry items. They are used in rings to give a slender appearance to the hands and the fingers. If you are looking for a traditionally cut oval diamond, the length to width ratio will be between 1.33 and 1.66. You can ask the jeweler to tell you the exact length width of the diamond so that you can imagine its shape when viewed from the top.

Other Characteristics


Diamond polish is a way to see how well the diamonds have been finished and cleaned. It is also a sign of how well the diamond was cut and will help you see of there are some fine lines on the surface of diamonds or not. You will see that a stone that is well polished will have less lines and blemishes as compared to a stone that has not been polished. The sheen and brilliance of a diamond is enhanced if
it has been polished properly. There are a number of marks on the diamond like chips and scratches that can well be removed with the help of polishing it properly.


In addition, the polish determines how much light will be able to pass through the diamond so that the shine is more. When you set out to purchase diamonds, make sure you look for diamonds that are certified and polished excellently. If the polish on the diamonds is poor, you will see that it will not shine brilliantly. The fine
9lines blur the overall appearance of the diamonds thus making them look dull.
The grading certificates have polish grades for the diamonds that are as follows. Make sure you check out these ratings before you make a purchase.


EX Excellent

VG =  Very Good

G   Good

F    Fair

P    Poor


To increase the luster of the diamond, this is the best thing to do. Poorly polished surface or facets are one of the biggest reasons for poor looking diamonds.
The lines on the surface of the diamond are due to many reasons and the
most experienced cutters can end up roughening the surface of the diamonds. Some of the lines can even be seen by naked eye while most of them go
unnoticed. If you wish to buy a flawless diamond, you can consider ideal
or excellent polish diamonds.




When a person buys diamonds, he looks for many things. The overall finish of the diamonds can attract or distract the buyer and thus symmetry of the diamond become one of the most important factors. The exactness of shapes and the way of arrangement of facets is what is referred to as ‘symmetry’. The natural, extra, tables, culets, and misshapen facets are included in this. The person who does not know about the symmetry will never be able to make out the difference between a symmetrical and an asymmetrical diamond. If you are buying lower grade diamonds, the symmetry will not be a big concern.


When buying higher-grade diamonds, symmetry plays an important role. Just like the polish grades, the grades for symmetry are Excellent, Very Good, Good and Poor. When you buy a diamond, always ask for the certificate, and see the rating of the symmetry on it. People most often purchase the diamonds that have Good symmetry grade. This is due to the beautiful appearance of these diamonds. You should avoid buying the diamonds that have symmetry from fair to poor.


When the diamonds are sent to the labs for grading, they are checked with the help of microscopes to see if the facets have perfect symmetry or not and then grading is done. The highly skilled cutters also make mistakes and end up creating diamonds that are not symmetrical. Very few diamonds are excellently symmetrical. You should also take other factors in consideration while buying diamonds for your rings or in your jewelry.


Fluorescence is found in the diamonds while they are exposed to ultraviolet light with long wave. Under most of the lighting conditions, this effect cannot be seen by eyes. Some people prefer diamonds without this effect while others look for it. It is all about the aesthetics.


Off-Center Table


The placement of the table (the largest facet on a diamond) should be centered
at the top of the stone and needs to be parallel to the girdle. If the table is off-center or not parallel with the girdle this can cause uneven crown angles from one side to the other. In this example we see the unbalanced appearance that occurs from an off-center table.


Off-Center Culet


To check if the culet is centered; look at the diamond in the face-up position.
You'll see the lower girdle facets through the table. If the lines formed by them
look like a perfect square, the culet is centered. If the cross bends one way or
the other, the culet is not centered. In this example we see what an off-centered culet might look like.


Table & Girdle Not Parallel


Here we see another example of what occurs when the table is not parallel with the girdle. As you see, the crown angle is much steeper on one side versus the other. From the top view you may have noticed an off-center table.




Depth Percentage


This is also one of the most important characteristics to look for when you look
to buy diamonds and wish to buy the best ones. If you do not know what depth percentage is, here is some important information about the same: The depth percentage of a diamond is the ratio of the diameter of the diamond as compared to the depth of the diamond. There are different ranges for every shape that are considered ideal. Here is the range:


                                           Ideal          = 58 - 60%

                                           Excellent  = 60.1 - 62%

                                           Good         = 62 - 64%

                                           Fair            = 64 - 66%

                                           Poor           = over 66% or under 57%







With the depth percentage, the table percentage also is considered important.
The ratio of the total width with the width of the table is the table percentage.
When you are finding the table percentage for the round diamonds, you should
take into consideration the biggest diameter. Recently, people have been looking
for smaller table percentages. If you look for bigger table percentage, the size
of the diamond will increase and the brilliance as well. Today, people look forward to buying diamonds that have been cut ideally. The table of range for diamonds
is as follows.


Ideal         = 53 - 58%

Excellent = 58.1 - 60%

Good          = 60.1 - 64%

Fair            = 64 - 70%

Poor           = over 70%


Length-To-Width Ratio


Length and width of the diamonds is important consideration, as it will also help in deciding the size of the diamonds. This is mainly done in the case of fancy diamonds shapes so that the buyer knows how the diamond will look like when viewed from the top. Every shape in which the diamond is cut has a particular width, length,
and people sometimes buy the diamonds according to their size. Once they know about the outline of the diamond, it will be easier for them to make a choice and select the best diamond.









When you divide the length of the diamond with its width, you get the length to width ratio. Every shape will have a particular ratio and this will decide how perfect the shape of the diamond is.


All these characteristics play an important role in deciding the price and the quality of the diamonds you are going to buy. Buying diamonds is easy but finding the perfect pieces is a difficult task. The diamonds that you buy need to pass through tests and get certifications so that you can make a wise decision and get the
best value for your money. If you do not like the diamonds, you can ask the store about their return policy. Look at the certificate and see the grades of different characteristics. You can also view the certificate before you make a decision
and purchase.


The diamonds have different appearances and cuts. It is for you to decide what shape you wish to buy so that your jewelry item can look perfect. Also, look for
the 4Cs in diamonds when you are deciding over the diamonds that you wish
to buy. The four characteristics are important as these ones and have a direct
effect on the pricing of the diamonds. If you wish to make the best purchase,
all these factors need to be considered.




If you know what grading is, you must also know that it is done in the gemological laboratories. These laboratories are specially designed to certify the diamonds and give them grades according to the symmetry, color, carat and other characteristics. Before you buy diamonds, know the different labs that provide certifications to the diamonds and make them acceptable globally. The reputation of the labs can even change over the years and some popular gem labs that are listed here.


GIA – (gemological institute of America) this is one of the most sought after labs and many people in the diamond industry consider their certification to be the best and the topmost. Throughout the diamond world, certificates from GIA have been given a lot of importance and preference.


American Gem Society Laboratories is also based in US and was founded
in the year 1978.


IGI – (International Gemological Institute) this institute has its headquarters in
New York and provides grading to the diamonds and other gemstones from
their headquarters only.


Another institution is European Gemological Laboratory that has a number
of independent grading labs named after it and affiliated to it.


Grading from the laboratories is important, as certificates have to be given along with the diamonds that the people purchase. The certificate lists a number of options and descriptions. These laboratories are independent and work to evaluate the diamonds in question. A number of instruments are used by the Gemological Institutes to check the diamonds and give them grades. When the certificate of the diamond is viewed, the name of the lab is given a lot of importance. It is important to get these certifications from the labs as the minutest of the details make a difference to the price of the diamonds and their quality. Without proper certification and assessment, no diamond can be rightly priced.