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Liberty Diamonds | JCK Award Winner Cristina Pucci

Written By: Mary McNulty   Photographed By: Christina Shook


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It is obvious when speaking with Cristina Pucci that she truly loves her career. Working with Liberty Diamonds of Irvine, Cristina’s design won the prestigious 2014 JCK Jewelers Choice Award for Best Necklace Design in the $2,500 to $10,000 category. Amazingly
this was Liberty’s and Cristina’s first submission and to win was no easy task. The Award is the “Oscar” for Jewelers with voting limited to fellow retail jewelry professionals.
The high scores by their peers are echoed by the Five Star Yelp rating given by their Clients.  As Cristina reiterated, “It’s about building trust and relationships.”

The necklace is a stunning 3.12 carat pear shaped, green tourmaline stone encased
with white spiraling diamonds totaling .18 carat.  A $20.00 raffle ticket and a bit of luck will win the $6,800 necklace with all proceeds supporting children in the Orange County area. Charities under consideration are Olive Crest, StandUp for Kids–Orange County and March of Dimes with customers making the final selection. Ticket sales begin September 27 with the drawing on Saturday October 18, 2014 at Liberty Diamonds.


The design as with most, started out as a simple sketch referred to as a counter sketch. Once the basics were worked out, Cristina utilized her techie side and transferred the details to the CAD software she studied seven years ago in L.A. This mix of creativity and technology suits Cristina well.


One of the requirements of the competition is to insure the design can be replicated.
The original pendent entitled “Tears of Isis”, after the Egyptian goddess symbolizing rebirth, is on display reserved for its Connecticut home. Cristina has made a total of three with only slight variants in the stone color.

Not to rest on their laurels, Liberty Diamonds has their submission for the 2015 JCK Jewelers Award ready. This year the submission is a Raspberry Zircon ring entitled “Royal Orchid” and will be submitted under the Colored Stone Category. Cristina is proud of the piece noting that there are “design elements at every angle” making it undeniably beautiful and fun.  Voting among the jewelers begin in October with results announced in the April/ May 2015 time frame. The ring cannot be sold until the results are finalized.


An Open House is planned on Saturday October 18 at 3:00 at Liberty Diamonds on
18009 Skypark Circle A in Irvine. Gorgeous high quality diamonds and gems will be displayed -including both the 2014 winner and 2015 submission- cutting demonstrations will take place and the winning raffle ticket will be announced.  For ticket details -which go on sale September 27 – and to reserve a space for Saturday October 18- please contact the Liberty Diamonds office at 949-261-8663. To entice even further, tickets will be available the day of the event. Visit the Liberty Diamonds website for exquisite examples of creativity, abilities and interesting bios.

Liberty Diamonds

18009 Sky Park Circle

Irvine, CA 92614 | 949.261.8663


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