STYLE# SR-00045




Rose gold with a twist, this solitaire is
classic and unique at the same time.




The most traditional engagement ring style
is the solitaire; it’s known for its simplicity and beautifully features any shape center stone.

















STYLE# SR-00044




This classic 6-prong solitaire ring design makes a beautiful engagement ring.  Available in 14kt, 18kt, or platinum and for any center stone size from 0.25ct and up.
















STYLE# SR-00046



This ring is an unique way
to present a classic solitaire.
















STYLE# SR-00007



The most classic of all rings,
simple yet elegant.
















STYLE# SR-00014



The band of this ring comes up to showcase the center diamond and show
off its beauty.


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STYLE# SR-00052



This ring is modern in style with curves to compliment the center diamond.
















STYLE# SR-00025



The prongs of ring are a part of the band, presenting an interesting way to
show off a brilliant diamond.
















STYLE# SR-00047



This ring is a classic solitaire with two
small diamonds on either side
of the band.
















STYLE# SR-00050



A slight different from a classical four
prong solitaire, this six prong
solitaire is just as gorgeous!
















STYLE# SR-00049



This ring is made for a princess cut diamond, with four prongs and two smaller stones to compliment the center stone.