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    Liberty Diamonds (Irvine)

    18009 Sky Park Circle Suite A

    Irvine, CA 92614


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    Liberty Diamonds (Los Angeles)

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Liberty Diamonds |David & Troy Lob

Stunning Craftsmanship and Unique Artistry Combine for a One of a Kind Experience


Sponsor Spotlight

I was born and raised in South Africa and was always fascinated by geology and the beauty and symmetry of the diamonds for which our country was so famous. At the early

age of 19 I jumped at the opportunity to take on an apprenticeship to learn Diamond Cutting and Gemology. Management quickly noticed my work ethic and craftsmanship, and soon I was managing a team of diamond cutters. After a few years I was headhunted to relocate to Southern California to be the head foreman at International Diamond Corporation, which was one of the biggest diamond houses in the world at the time. It was a big decision to move to the States with my wife and two young sons, but it ended

up being one of the best decisions I ever made. After the diamond market turned in 1981, I took a chance and fulfilled my dream to open Liberty Diamonds, which I now run with my youngest son, Troy Lob. My eldest son Dean is now raising his family here and we are proud members of this community.

I began by focusing only on the wholesale trade and cutting the finest stones possible. After about 10 years I began to think about how I could translate our excellence in diamond cutting, laboratory experience, and wholesale manufacturing into a unique retail experience. I decided to take a new approach and not hire any dedicated sales staff. I brought in gemologists, jewelers and designers as staff instead to create an educational and friendly no-pressure environment so that the customer is part of the design process and not merely being sold on something. Everyone works as a team bringing their unique expertise to every piece of jewelry we sell. As a result, a large percentage of our sales come from customer referrals or reviews and we truly feel that we are forging lifelong relationships rather than just clients. I have always felt that it is important to embrace new technology as it emerges and incorporate that into our process. We were an early adopter of custom CAD jewelry design and those many years of experience allow us to create truly unique pieces for our customers. We even have software that simplifies some of the design options and allows the customer to take control of the computer and help design their ring or other jewelry in-store themselves. We have most of the tools you would find in the most advanced gemological laboratories. Our designers have also been able to create custom accessories
for phones and other personal electronics further blurring the line between
jewelry and emerging consumer tech.