Diamond Upgrade Program

We are committed to being your jeweler for life and as part of our commitment Liberty Diamonds is pleased to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program on all Liberty Signature Diamonds.  All GIA and AGS certified Liberty Signature Diamonds purchased after January 1, 2010 are eligible for the upgrade program.  Simply call a Diamond & Jewelry Consultant at 866-LDC-6789 to learn more about our upgrade program and to select your new Liberty Diamonds Signature Diamond.*




- Only Liberty Diamonds’ Signature Diamonds purchased after January 1, 2010 are eligible.


- You will receive store credit equal to 100% of the original Liberty Diamonds’ Signature
  Diamond selling price.


- The new diamond you choose must also be a Liberty Diamonds’ Signature Diamond and have a selling   
  price of at least 2x the trade in credit given.


- The diamond being upgraded must be in its original condition and accompanied with the original
  grading report(s).


- Any damage to the original diamond may exclude the diamond from our upgrade program or affect
  the trade in value.




- If your ring setting is in good condition and you choose to keep your original setting and if it fits your 
  new diamond, we can set the new diamond into your original setting.


 - If your original setting cannot safely accommodate the new diamond, then you can either keep the    setting for a future purpose, or accept an offer based on the current gold or platinum value.

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