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Diamond shopping can be overwhelming sometimes. We try to make this process an easy and transparent one. Check out our live natural diamond page to view live diamond videos.

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Tips On How to Take Care of Your Ring!

  • Take Your Ring Off!

    We know that mom's and grandma's always say, "Don't ever take off your ring". Unfortunately thats incorrect. We want you to take off your ring as much as possible. Places to NOT wear your ring:

    -The Gym

    -Washing dishes or over any drain (this includes showering)

    -Playing sports


    -Doing household chores that involve chemicals


  • Insure Your Jewelry

    We always tell our clients to insure their jewelry. Our insurance of choice is Jewelers Mutal. They are easy to work with and cover what most insurances won't. Along with having your jewelry insured, you should have a safe and memorable place to store your jewelry. If you have diamond jewelry, make sure that when in storage, none of the diamonds are touching each other. Do Not leave your jewelry next to the sink or in a random hidding place that you could possibly forget.

  • Bring Your Ring In

    We recommend you have your ring checked and inspected once every 6 months. This way, we catch any potential problems before they happen. If you ever feel that your ring is loose or needs any adjustments, bring it in! We also recommend having your ring maintained ever 1.5-2 years. So for rose and yellow gold and platinum, that means clean and polish. For white gold, that means clean, polish and plate. Check out our Serives page for more information on the turn-around times for repairs and overnight services.