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We offer Complimentary while-you-wait cleanings and inspections. Should your jewelry be in need of a repair, we offer free estimates on repairs. It is advised that regular cleanings and inspections are done every 6-months and refinishing to remove scratches and restore your jewelry to its original luster be done every year or two if worn regularly. Nearly all repairs are done on  premises and typically within a few days. 

Our Most Common Serve Prices 

*Prices vary depending on the complexity of each repair and/or sizing. These prices are per ring or item.


White Gold $125 for Clean, Polish & Rhodium Plating

Yellow & Rose Gold $45 for Clean & Polish

Platinum $125 for Clean & Polish

Sizing Beads $85

Sizing Bar $125+

Horse Shoe $325+

Same Day Service Rush Fee Additional $250+ (Please Call Ahead)

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There are different types of appraisals that can be done for fine jewelry including an Insurance Appraisal, Estate Appraisal, and Resale Appraisal.  The most commonly needed appraisal is for Insurance purposes to cover against loss, theft, or damage. Our GIA Graduate Gemologists are here full time and can provide any type of appraisal.  We can also verify diamond certificates.  Please call or email us for more information.

*Prices can vary depending on each individual appraisal job.

While You Wait Appraisal $150

-Every Item After the First Item $100 each

Drop-Off Appraisal $100

-Every Item After the First Item for Drop-Off $75 each 

*Please call or email if you have several pieces for a bulk rate.

 David Diamond Cutting


Diamonds have dazzled mankind for centuries. Symbolic of love, honor, wealth, power and pride, their fiery brilliance is maximized by skilled craftsmen, such as those at Liberty Diamond Cutters, Inc.

Long before the key to their beauty and radiance was discovered, nobles and statesmen treasured the unrefined stones as precious gems. They were rare and beautiful. The Greeks named them Adamas, “unconquerable” an appropriate title, considering their history.

Since 1982 we have been cutting and repairing Diamonds for the trade. We understand the critical factor in a diamond’s value lies within the cutting. That is why we employee only Master Diamond Cutters, skilled in cutting and polishing from rough to finish. The owner and head Diamond Cutter David Lob, learnt his skills in South Africa the diamond capitol of the World.

 Diamond before and after Image


Do you want to increase the value, durability and beauty of your own diamonds? By improving the cut grade, removing any chips or abrasions and faceting or polishing the girdle can add value and brilliance to one’s diamond. Please enquirer about a diamond consultation, so we can see if your diamond is eligible for a re-cut. We would never suggest a re-cut if it doesn’t add value to the diamond.